Flood Damage and Mold

Home flooding is a serious problem for many Americans. If your home has ever flooded then you know how time consuming and costly the repairs can be, and the risk of mold forming due to moisture being trapped in walls, basements and other areas of the home. If your home has been affected by flood damages from a hurricane, high water, or poor basement waterproofing, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Like many you may be asking yourself, What do I do after the water recedes?

First, go to your property and do a self assessment of damages, starting on the outside. If there is clear structural damage that you can see from the exterior of your home, do not enter. If there is no visible structural damage to the exterior of the home and you feel it is safe to enter, do so. Begin looking for things like buckled floor boards, water stained walls or ceilings, and standing water in the basement or crawlspaces. If there is still standing water in any part of the home do not attempt to use power tools, appliances, or turn electricity on or off to parts of the home, as you could be electrocuted or start a fire.

Once you have assessed the overall damages of the home it’s best to call your home owners and flood insurance companies and let them know of the damages, and the possibility of mold forming. Mold can be dangerous to your health both mental and psychical, exposure to mold can cause many aliments such as: sore throat, respiratory and allergy problems, as well as many others.

Once you have contacted your home owners and flood insurance companies you can start clearing out damaged items. Remove all easily moveable wet and damaged items including: cloths, carpets, furniture, boxes, beds, food, toys, linens, etc… These are all perfect spots for mold to form. Once you have removed the damaged items, and know it is safe to use electricity, place fans throughout the flood damaged home to let air circulate throughout the house. If you have any dehumidifiers this is the perfect time to use them, as they will pull any moisture that is forming out of the house, which will slow the formation of mold.

Once the house is cleared out and mostly dry it’s time to call a professional flood damage and mold removal company. Clearing out the home allows for a professional to properly asses all damages and possibilities of mold.

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